New Life association

narayan & Gracie Paul

Located in Andra Pradesh of southern India, Jacob's Gift first partnered with Narayan Paul & New Life Association in 2002 by helping to complete the Bethany Hospital and purchasing medical equipment.  In April 2003, Jacob's Gift helped purchase a generator and additional medical equipment for the hospital.

Jacob's Gift assisted with completing a 2nd floor of the Mercy Children's Home Dormitory.  This space provided additional sleeping quarters for the children, which kept them safely off the floor and away from poisonous snakes. 

new life minstries

C. V. John

The purpose of New Life Ministries is to pioneer evangelism and plant churches among the unreached tribes of India.

Jacob's Gift was able to support their project, Gilgal Children's Home in Pappakkudi, Tamilnadu, a dormitory for children and their house parents by sending funds to complete part of the dormitory.