July 2022

During Jacob's Gift meeting in July 2022, the board approved to support the librarian's salary at Jacob's Gift Library in Kenya, Africa and to send money to Alex Malanday with Church Builders Ministries in the Philippines to finish building classrooms in the Blessed Learners Christian Academy.  

October 2021

The Jacob's Gift Board sorted and loaded donated medical equipment to send to Gleaning for the World in Virginia.  Eastlick Trucking transported the semi.  Jacob's Gift voted to donate $1500.00 to Operation Christmas Child to cover the cost of shipping. 

July 2021

In July, Jacob's Gift received a donation of medical equipment from Dr. Miller that will be sent over seas to multiple countries in need. 

Alex Malanday's Church/school project at Tastansan has broken ground.  

Ottumwa radio interview

Current news from Richard and Debbie Hall.


April 2021

The Jacob's Gift board met in April and voted to partner with The Warehouse Church and purchase a parcel of land for Alex & Eunice Malanday to build another kinder school.  This church and school will be located in the village of Tastasan, Philippines.

January 2021

The Jacob's Gift Board met in January to discuss some project opportunities.

Africa: We voted to send Tom Malande with Jacob's Gift library $1,800 for the librarian's salary.  

Philippines: Alex Malanday informed us that school is back face to face in the Philippines.  They were in need of $1,250 for the teacher's salary to finish out the current school year.  They also needed $700 to finish purchasing the ground that a kinderschool sits on, and the board voted unanimously to send him the money.